Beef Provision

Beef Provision

Regular price $200.00

The options for purchasing beef are as follows:Fore Quarter (125-165lbs)
Hind Quarter (125-165lbs)
Split Quarter (65-85lbs)

Portioned quarter(35-45lbs)

Meat is sold as a Bone-in flat rate price of $6.25 per lb.  An electronic deposit is taken to reserve your order and then when i get the animal’s final  trimmed hanging weight the remainder of the balance is due upon pick up/delivery.  Every week half of a cow is available…so make your reservation now before it’s all sold out!

Fore Quarter Cuts: Chuck roast, stew meat, Mock Tender, Flat Iron, CrossRib Roast, Rib Roast, Ribeye Steak, Short Ribs, Brisket, fore shank, ground meat and soup bones.

Forequarter Cuts: Rib Roast, Ribeye, chuck roast, crossrib roast, mock tender, flatiron, chuckflat, foreshank, brisket, short ribs, stewing meat, ground beef and bones

Hind Quarter Cuts: Portherhouse, Tbone, Top Sirloin, hanger, flank, outside skirt, sirloin flap, tendernose, baseball steak, coulotte, eye of round,London Broil, Bottom round, TriTip, hindshank, stewing meat, ground beef and bones.

Split Quarter: half of either Hind of Fore Quarter

Portioned Quarter: a portion from either hind or fore quarter that is most approachable for single folks to large famillies.

Beef orders are taken weekly and filled the following week.  Special cuts are happily accepted upon request. Please call for details.