Men's Sausage Making Class

Men's Sausage Making Class

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In this class we will talk about turning the ordinary into the sublime with pork, fat, salt, and seasoning!  For good kitchen economy, sausage making is an indispensable craft.  What would ordinarily be scraps of little use are transformed into morsels of nutrition and flavor surpassed by few other foods! Come to class empty handed and we guide you all the the way from beginning to end, teaching you how to make your very own handmade sausages that you will take home! we will have meaty treats to begin followed by sausages and sauerkraut for dinner. 

Items to Bring for class: Not required, but suggested.

1. Beer or wine to enjoy during class.

Date: Thursday, February 15th

Time: 6-9pm

Class Size: 10

Location: Our Shop