Regular price $200

The options for purchasing lamb are as follows:

Whole Lamb (60-80lbs)
Side of Lamb (30-40lbs)
Fore Quarter (15-20lbs)
Hind Quarter (15-20lbs)

Meat is sold as a Bone-in flat rate price of $10 per lb.   An electronic deposit is taken to reserve your order and then when the animal’s final trimmed hanging weight the remainder of the balance is due upon pick up/delivery.

Whole Lamb: 2 sides of lamb

Side of Lamb: 1 hind and 1 fore quarter

Fore Quarter Cuts: Neck Roast, Square Shoulder Roast, Shoulder Steaks, Frenched Rack of Lamb, Fore Shank, Lamb Riblets, Ground Lamb, and Bones.

Hind Quarter Cuts: Loin Chops, Leg of Lamb, Hind Shank, Ground Lamb, and Bones.

Lamb orders are taken every week and will be ready the following week. Special cuts are happily accepted upon request. Please call for details/consultation.