Men's Bacon Making Class 4.20.18

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Join us for some meaty appetizers and sausage sandwiches for a hands-on lesson in the craft of making bacon.

We’ll talk about how salt transforms a simple piece of pork into a multi-cultural phenomenon that has been a staple of old world preserving traditions throughout generations of families. You’ll craft your own spice kit to your individual taste and learn how to properly salt and preserve a pork belly for bacon.

Smoke has its roots in preservation, not just flavor — and with this class you will further your understanding and pursuit of self provisionment.  A historically rich practice that has been otherwise lost to industrialism will be brought back into your home in all of its deliciousness!

Most importantly, you’ll walk away with your very own hand salted slab of bacon!  Yes, you heard it right!

Items to Bring for Class: Not required, but welcomed.

1. Beer or wine to enjoy during class.

Date: Friday, April 20th

Time: 6-9

Class Size: 10

Location: The Shop.