Men's Pig Butchery Class
Men's Pig Butchery Class

Men's Pig Butchery Class

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As we go through the first half of the pig you will learn how it all comes apart such as primal, sub-primal, various finish cuts, and appropriate knife skills.  This will help you to be more informed for good preparation and cookery.  Getting into the second half, you will sink a knife into the pig to get some hands on butchering! For those of you who learn by doing, this will be a unique and informative experience! we will start by having some meaty treats followed by sausages for dinner. 

Items to Bring for class: Not required, but suggested.

1.Beer or wine to enjoy during class.

2. A grocery bag to take your meat home.

Date: Thursday, June 22nd

Time: 6-9pm

Class Size: 10

Location: Our Shop