Proscuitto Making Class 3.15.17

Proscuitto Making Class 3.15.17

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This class will focus on the art of salting, preparing, and preserving a whole pork leg to create prosciutto—  an airdried ham, often sliced thin and served in its raw, uncooked form.

During class we will walk through the steps of meat preservation using traditional methods that have been cultivated by our ancestors for generations. As well as have sausage sandwiches for a nice break midway through class!

In this hands on experience we’ll carve, salt and prepare a whole pork leg for its long journey toward sublime flavor for your enjoyment. By the end of class you’ll have a greater appreciation of where your food comes from and an understanding of how to safely salt and preserve meat.  With time, you’ll have your own hand-salted leg of prosciutto —immensely adding to your daily cooking and eating delight.

Items to Bring for class: Not required, but suggested.

1. Beer or wine to enjoy during class

Time: 6:15-9pm

Class Size: 8

Location: Our Shop.