Meat Provisions

Fresh Meat

We strive to implement our convictions of stewardship with the Earth and how we eat through local meat provisioning. Focused on providing pasture-raised animals implementing old world butchery technique coupled with traditional tools such as the hacksaw, cleaver and knife. This informs the technique of the meat being adroitly cut – not shredded – to delay spoilage and create a beautiful cut that pays homage to the natural lines of the animal. Our hope is that you will not see ambiguous blobs of meat, but instead cuts that are recognizable as part of a larger whole. Extreme attention is given to each animal to help create good kitchen economy for you and yours. We strive to change the current mindset and practices of modern meat consumption and processing, all the while challenging people in their meat purchasing and posture on cookery in the home. The challenge is and will be to think more comprehensively of the inherent choice we have before us as an opportunity to move towards a more utilitarian and sustainable life; one that prefers a more close-knit, localized economy. With our desire to equip you with the needed skill to become more self-sufficient, we can also accommodate any desired level of involvement in the butchering process of your purchase. Helping to cut your own meat at the shop with us is always strongly encouraged. We work exclusively with small family farmers so the animals’ weights vary slightly; it’s an agrarian system, not an assembly line industrial system. Once the specific weight of the animal is known after slaughtering, the balance will be due upon pickup/delivery of your purchase.