Custom Processing

Hanging Fee: $75 (up to 3 days)

  • If you want to hang and pick up your animal to cut yourself
  • Add-ons
    • Washing Fee Option: $50
      • your carcass gets scrubbed down with cold water and a bristle brush. 
    • Cleaning option: $25 
      • wipe down carcass with wine to help with mitigate potential bacterial growth. The acidic nature of wine is very useful for food grade cleaning and isn’t abrasive on meat.

Cutting Fee: $2 per lb bone-in hanging weight 

Fresh Salting and Seasoning Fee: $5 per lb (in addition to the processing fee)

This includes weighing out proportions, grinding, seasoning with fresh herbs and spices, mixing, and stuffing into links 

  • Fat Added for sausage making: $5/lb added fat (can be beef or pork). 
    • Example: Fresh Sausages. A 10lb batch of sausages would contain approx 7.5lbs of your meat($37.50 ) and 2.5lbs  fat from our shop($12.50). Total cost to make 10lbs of sausage for you: $50

Salting and Preserving Fee: $10 per lb. up to 2 months of aging (in addition to processing fee)

  • Example: salami, prosciutto (cured leg), coppa (cured shoulder)
  • This directly applies to wild game as well as livestock
    • wild game prosciutto! wild game salami!

*Anything aged over 2 months at the shop will have an additional ageing fee of $50/2 weeks.

Private Class Option: $150 per person. Up to 8 people. 

  • You and a few friends can come and help cut up your animal and get a chance to hone in your butchering skills. This includes a meal and some whisky, wine or beer! The class is about 4 hours long depending on the depth of the class.   



Our services are all done to order. We sit down with you and come up with a completely individualized cut sheet that meets your specific needs for your specific animal. This meeting includes a glass of whisky, beer or wine as we discuss cut options. 

The Meat is all chamber sealed in a commercial vacuum sealer with 4mm bags. All individually labeled. 

All our spice kits are made in house with freshly chopped garlic, freshly ground black pepper, toasted fennel seed, etc. We DO NOT buy pre-made powdered spice kits online and dump that subpar industrial product into your hard earned meat…that would be a terrible denigration of your animal. You work hard raising or hunting your animal; we work hard to make it taste as good as possible. 

We also use only natural casings and no collagen casings for sausages or salami. 

Your animal is processed individually from beginning to end using your animal. Once again, you work hard to get a good shot, we make sure that effort is returned with your meat processed individually.