Custom Processing

Bring us your animal carcass and we cut and wrap your meat. Fresh sausage and cured meat is an extra service option below. Want to watch and learn? Schedule a private butchery class with your animal.


Cut & Wrap: $2/lb bone-in hanging weight

  • Meat is chamber vacuum sealed, labeled & dated. 




Fresh Sausage: $7 per lb  + $2/lb Cut/Wrap price

  • Includes grinding, seasoning with fresh spices, mixing, and stuffing into links.


Salting and Preserving: $10 per lb. + $2/lb Cut & Wrap price

  • Examples:
    • Salami - about 3 salamis per pound of meat
    • Prosciutto - about 20 pounds 
      • Prosciutto hanging fee of $50 per month after 3 months. 
    • Bresaola - cured leg
    • Coppa - cured shoulder


Private Butchery Class: $150 per person. Up to 8 people. 

  • In addition to any of the processing mentioned above you alone or with friends can assist with the butchering of your animal and get a chance to learn more about the process. 
  •  Includes- meaty appetizers, a simple meat focused meal - think sausage sandwiches and a crisp salad. Please BYOB! The class is about 3-4 hours long and we can accommodate just about any time frame that works well for you. 
Our services are hand tailored to your needs. 
The spices and seasonings that we use on meat are all blended in-house with freshly chopped garlic, hand ground black pepper, toasted fennel seed, etc. We DO NOT buy pre-made powdered spice kits online and dump that subpar industrial product into your hard earned meat…that would be a terrible denigration of your animal. We also only use natural casings for sausages or salami; nothing artificial. Your meat is all chamber sealed in a commercial vacuum sealer and individually labeled & dated. Your animal is processed individually with care from beginning to end. Nature and the farmer work hard to create a beautiful animal from the land so we work hard to make it taste as good as possible. It is our part in the larger scheme of being a good steward of the land…ie making tasty meaty bits!