“Having worked with Zeph and trained him in traditional butchery and charcuterie, I can recommend his services with confidence.  He brings experience in humane slaughter as well which informs his holistic butchery philosophy.  This foundation results in a harvest focus that is culinary and essential to good kitchen economy.”

Brandon Sheard
Proprietor of Farmstead Meatsmith

“Zeph is an excellent teacher who makes sure to take one-on-one time with each student during a class. I have trouble remembering the names of all the cuts, and I feel shy about asking the same questions over and over again, but Zeph is really patient and never makes me feel silly for having questions. His classes are small enough that I always feel like I’m getting more than my money’s worth from each class, not to mention the amazing quality of the meat I get to take home at the end of the class! I’ve recommended his classes to several of my fellow culinary students who are looking for a hands-on experience with butchery.”

Emma Buktenica
Student at Oregon Culinary Institute

“Zeph is hard-working, passionate, and dedicated to his craft. His enthusiasm is contagious, his butchery is outstanding, and his prices are affordable. If you’re interested in buying quality ethical meat from someone who knows – and loves –  what they’re doing, then Zeph is your guy.”

Lindsay Strannigan
Food Writer, Rosemarried.com

“As a co-owner of a company called corporatepig you may think that I supply all my meat from some multi-national feed-lot in Iowa. Well, you’d be mistaken. The pork I have gotten from Zeph is top notch and priced like my local Fred Meyer. Before I took Zeph’s course I also had pretty much no idea about how to expertly dispatch half a hog. Well that has certainly changed. In the course of one evening I learned how to use my own knife to make the cuts of pork that I love. I have recommended his butchery course to others and continue to do so here. Take this class for yourself and your loved ones. If you love your meat it can’t be beat!”

Randy Dittmar
Owner, Corporatepig