Our Philosophy

I found myself devolving into a conscientious consumer, insulated from neighbors, contributing little to society and my smaller community in a substantial way. Much of the food I was eating was pre-processed and assembly line, affording no room for interaction, nor incarnation of the food into something more raw, exposed and beautiful. I also want to be actively aware and pursuant of diligent stewardship of the resources we have been granted. Our current industrial animal production leaves much to be desired in respect to stewardship and responsible land and water management. This is why I maintain an innate desire to cultivate honest utility and stewardship in both the personal and professional.  Butchering is a pragmatic way in which I honor those ideals, and begin to move from being a consumer to a contributor and steward. It is a way to create something true through contributing a tactile good for myself and my community while simultaneously being an active proponent of sustainable land and water management. My goal is to create a deeper sense of agrarian utilitarianism via education on practices of slaughtering, butchering and curing of meat. These are methods to an informed and tactile means of self-provision, helping others appreciate the food we use to sustain ourselves and the earth. Thus, I began on a journey of all things meat, embracing the delicate reciprocity of a balanced life, providing thrift and goodness for myself and assisting others with the ability to do so in their own lives.