Home Meat Delivery Service
Home Meat Delivery Service

Home Meat Delivery Service

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 You have most likely enjoyed our meat in some capacity and now you can easily enjoy it from your home with this custom meat package. 

We would love to see you but this will be a no-contact home delivery to your door.  This meat delivery will consist of super rad cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb, and chicken. This will also include a quart of bone broth, and pork sausages. a delightful cornucopia of meatstuff to eat!

all meat is hand-cut, vacuum packed, and frozen and will weight approx. 20lbs.

The idea is you leave a cooler outside your home on your delivery date and we drop off your meat for you. You can stay at home day drinking, working or exercising... we bring the meatstuff to you. It would behoove you to order our meat; for your health, your immunity, and your enjoyment. This package will take up approx. 1/4-1/3 of a normal home freezer. 

as the poet wendell berry said, "...eat these wild beasts that eat what we cannot eat." 

as zeph may say, "chop some wood, build a fire, then cook over it!( yea, yea...not quite as elegant, but still truth speaking).