Hind Quarter of Beef

Hind Quarter of Beef

Regular price $800

Hind Quarter (100-120 lbs)

$10 per lb.

 Meat is sold as a flat price for fresh cuts. An electronic deposit of $800 is taken to reserve your order and the remaining balance is due upon pick up.

Hind Quarter Cuts:  T-bone, Tenderloin, Top Sirloin Steak, hanger, flank, outside skirt, sirloin flap, eye of round, London Broil, Tri-Tip, OssoBucco Shank, stewing meat, ground beef, Bone Broth, and Roast Beef for Sandwiches.

Beef orders take 7-10 days to fulfill. 

Fresh Beef Sausages: additional $2 per lb.

Salted & Preserved Meat: an additional $8 per lb.

For Example: Bresaola, beef coppa, Pepperoni etc!  

Special cuts are happily accepted upon request. Please inquire for details.