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This is a classic old french pork "saucisson" that is very simple and elegant. We often refer to it as the sultry older woman of the shop. Delicious and seductive but subtle in her introduction. why? you ask... Its main spice component is Quatre Epices(4 spices) which are cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and white pepper. essentially, warm baking spices which produce a subtle, round and delicious flavor profile... Not fiery and in your face like some of our other sausages that have more overt pizzazz.  this sausage also has lots of red wine it...dont worry your kids can eat it. BUT its dark maroon because we dump a whole bottle of red wine in each batch! 


There is a second even more sultry and decadent version of this sausage that gets champagne, fresh egg yolks and truffle but you will need to special order that.