Whole Lamb

Regular price $15

The options for purchasing lamb are as follows:

Weight (60-80lbs)
$15 per lb

Meat is sold as a Bone-in flat rate price.  An electronic deposit of $400 is taken to reserve your order and then animal’s final cut weight will determine the remainder of the balance due upon pick up/delivery.

Fore Quarter Cuts: Neck Roast, Square Shoulder Roast, Shoulder Steaks, Frenched Rack of Lamb, Fore Shank, Lamb Riblets, & Ground Lamb.

Hind Quarter Cuts: Loin Chops, Leg of Lamb, Noisette, Hind Shank, Ground Lamb, and Bones.

Lamb orders take 1-1.5 weeks to fulfill. 

Special cuts are happily accepted upon request. Please ask for details.